Do you close your eyes when:

you hear that one line in a song that sends chills across your shoulder blades?
when you take a pull on a cold beer on a hot day?
taste spicy shrimp or noodles, that burn good.
When you want to feel the wind in your face with the window rolled down/riding shotgun
When you want to remember the moment, any moment, real well. Do you close your eyes and try to press it harder into your memory, like a finger in clay?

Does it work?

Do you close your eyes when you don't want to see the end of a movie or a day.
or as the car/bus/train is heading away?

Do you close your eyes when you try and remember what it felt like, what it looked like, what it smelled like.. to be there, at that place, with that person.................

......... closing your the same time.