A socio-economic misfit is a person who doesn't fall into the typical economic bracket for persons of their age or gender. They also do not have a group of friends of their age group and tend to interact with society differently than their peer group.

Personal Rant

Datagirl is a socio-economic misfit. Tonight, I am going to dinner with a 67 year old guy because he's lonely. The closest friend I have at the moment, is almost 30 and I hardly see him.

Since I graduated high school at the age of 16, and had to adapt to hanging out with older people a lot sooner than most teenagers, I am boring and sometimes talk about the stock market to people who really don't care about it :) And I make more money than most 21 year olds I know, but I still drive a really crappy car just because I don't like spending money on cars. and Cars die.

People at work don't take me seriously because of my age/gender, no matter what I accomplish for the "team", nothing is appreciated. Women sometimes feel that I am a threat (they've admitted it later), and men minimize my abilities. I look strange and most people don't know which clique I belong to, because simply, I belong nowhere.

I belong nowhere!

That is the cry of the socio-economic misfit. Forever sliding between the cracks and floating into the mist.... floating away into nothing