i don't know what to do! stand, sit, do the stinky dishes.. dance to Tom Waits like an animal.

things. spinning.. rounding.. pounding, Excedrin Migraine is my friend! but it makes me feel faint.. which sometimes is a relief. boom.. everything turns yellow and i meet the floor. sweet, nothing.. blank conciousness. heaven. respite. sleep?

can't concentrate. health insurance gone. no medication.

but i got my chocolate jesus and my book on enlightenment.. with several mints and a T1-85, i think i can take over the world, but i don't have the strength inside to scream.

i'd give $10 for a backrub right now, but don't trust anyone enough to let them touch me.

why am i telling you this? BECAUSE I DON'T CARE IF YOU KNOW! haha
just forget the 'friends' who took your shoes and filled your life with great pain that was un-necessary but required anyway.. and everything will be ok.

We're Alive!

whether that is good or not, is up to us i guess..