Today is a day. yes it is. My boss came back from Florida today and then proceeded to tell me that some rush order that I processed killed this system at work called MRP and put it in a fatal loop. Oops. Did I ever tell anyone here how much I hate Oracle? I mean it's big and big and an RDBMS but dude, it is NOT user friendly and I hate entering rush orders. aRgh. I've helped build Oracle web applications, but I just don't like it. Prolly cuz I don't understand it very well, eh?

Just give me unimportant things to do and everything will work out just fine! I think my boss hates me also. Had my review a few weeks ago.. and it was a great review, but my boss was a buttmunch. He has a bad attitude.

Lucky I have an interview soon for a Help Desk position in another building. Sounds like a poopy job, but I dunno, I think one of my co-workers is going to bring a gun to work soon.