on the road with a travelling band of women entertainers. my father is driving the van. We had been at this house for months and had to leave quickly. Why, I don't know. Packing was horrible. Things were everywhere. Everyone was done long before I was, but I kept finding things everywhere, and not only my things. Pants, underwear, shirts, bathroom supplies, everything was messy.

I went into the bathroom and found that no one had taken their toothpaste/deoderant/shaving supplies/shampoo/towels. How appalling.

I'm trying to get dressed, but everything is soooo heavy, can't get clothes on! uh oh. Radio announcers walking around the house with my father, me hopping around with one leg in stocking, trying to avoid the advancing radio people.

Van leaving! It's sitting outside Anna's house. oh no! Someone complains that I'm always the late one but I'm not. Some other man in charge congradulates me on cleaning so quickly. I told him I did not want to dance anymore, and that doing cleaning duty would be just fine with me (made me feel like less of a piece of meat). He said that would never happen because I was one of his best girls.

In the back of my mind, I was wondering what exactly it is that I did for these people.

Cut to a math equation that said:

Sometimes you get none =
And sometimes you get none

-+--------------------------+- (alien writing below this, unreadable to myself)

cut to Rain falling in front of a large house in what seemed like Coon Valley.
Some voice speaking to me about the meaning of the equation, I have no body. Neither does the voice.