I know that Ulysses is the greatest book ever written because, even with the help of all the stimulants that college life has to offer, I still could not get through one chapter a day without having to reread it for sheer enjoyment. The last chapter with the non-punctuated soliloquy by Molly is just the best writing on the planet.

However, as for Finnegans Wake, that would have taken too much acid to understand. I really didn't want a life of padded cells just to read a book.

Did you know that Joyce, when out drinking with his friends (as he did often), would write down little phrases and funny words as the conversations went on? He would stuff these little pieces of paper in his coat jacket. (This is how many of you come up with your writeup ideas, isn't it?) When he got home, he'd get them out and use what he needed. Imagine what he could have done with a Palm Pilot.