I told the other girl "I love you," today, and that's not a lie. I love her, and this is not changing my love for my girlfriend. My girlfriend is a wonderful woman, but it's as if my relationship with her has degraded to friends with benefits, albeit my best friend, but it still remains the case that I need something more. That might be cowardly of me, to not comprimise on my desires and needs.

Watched futurama today, it was the episode about the poplers or whatever. Funny stuff.

Read a bit of David Foster Wallace's essay on David Lynch's Lost Highway in A Supposedly Funny Thing I'll Never Do Again. Cool stuff. And more of Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women. I think Elizaveth Wurtzel alternates between brilliance and insanity. Well, maybe I don't get it.

Tomorrow, I go back to work. Sucks.

I'm not entirely sure, though, what I need. Am I being selfish? Does my love for one lessen when I give love to another? I will think about it, but I'm beginning to think that I run on a different relationship OS called polyamory. Such is life.