Work. Sux.

I found out that I can't register for next semester until I pay the school the remaining approx. $450 I owe them for tuition. If I am unable to get that money, that means I will be unable to get the classes I need for my major (1) and minors (1 and 2, respectively, for my writing and ACS minors). Sux. I am, once again, giving out my address in the hope that someone will send their extra pennies for my tuition. Dan/405 Normal/Normal, IL 61761. No, I really don't expect anything, though it would be nice.

Still kind of reeling from last nights epiphany and revelation to the other woman in my life. I love her. This scares me. Not that I love her, but that I told her. This shouldn't affect/effect me, but it does. She knows. I don't have a finite amount of love to give. I know.

Another friend of mine moved away. I miss her.

I ate Raisin Bran for breakfast and chicken and white bean chili for dinner.

I've began both reading another essay in A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again by David Foster Wallace, the essay I'm looking at is about the film Lost Highway. I don't recall if I started to read that yesterday or not.