Skip-Bo is a card game put out by Mattel similar to Uno in that it contains 162 cards of various (mostly) primary colors. The colors have nothing to do with the game, but operate on a possible hypnosis-level addiction to this simple game.

The game is for players seven and up and can be played with two to six players, individually or partnered. One begins by shuffling the cards thoroughly to ensure that the Skib-Bo (wildcards) are randomly distributed as well as the number cards being out of numerical order. After shuffling, decide how many cards you want to be in each player's STOCK pile. Twenty cards takes about twenty minutes to play. Divvy it up, and then give each player five more cards, these make up the player's HAND. Turn over the top card on each of the STOCK piles. The object of the game is to rid yourself of this pile.

In the center of whatever formation your players are sitting in, place the remaining cards, this is the DRAW pile. Next to the DRAW pile you will be BUILDING four piles during play, starting with the number one (or a skip-bo) and ending at the number twelve (after which the entire pile will be eventually placed back in the DRAW pile).

Since the primary objective. the imperative function as an organism in pursuit of playing to win Skip-Bo is to reduce your STOCK pile, consider that first when placing down any card. The player is also blessed with the ability to have up to four DISCARD piles in front of them, where they may place any card in their hand if they cannot play a card in their hand and only if they still have five cards.

There are other rules and regulations, but they are unnecessary for a writeup, including error control and the sort. This is all you need to know to play a game of Skip-Bo. There are no divine rewards, no feeling special by cunning wit. It's a game you play and it is enjoyable.

Some history: Skip-Bo is the commercial version of a traditional game Spite and Malice. It is related to speed/spit but encourages less stealthy competition in its players. Mattel also produces My First Skip-Bo with humorous illstruations of creatures under the sea.

Skip-Bo is a great game if you want to think about something else while you play. If you are a gnosher or a munch master it provides an easy non-commital way to be engaged in a game while simultaneously eating an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies.