From Trip Magazine (formerly TRP: The Resonance Project Magazine), Fall 2001:

You can go for a hike,
you can ponder creation...

Why stay cooped up when there's a whole big bright world just waiting to be explored? With Psilocybe cubensis you can go anywhere! Whether you want a pleasant stroll through the park or a full-on mind-meld with the Earth Mother, nothing helps you get up close and personal with the Great Outdoors like nature's happiest mushroom, Psilocybe cubensis. They're all-natural and 100% organic, so why not try some today? It's time to enjoy life, stop and smell the roses, or maybe even sit down and chat with them for a while..

Mushrooms -- It's like a whole new world!
Experience the wonder again.

This text appears below a picture of photographic altered reality-- landscapes mixed together, but still distinguishable: psilocybe mushrooms poking out of the soil, a field of poppies, glorious trees, snowy mountains, and a man in the background, a woman opposite to him and in between them is an amanita mushroom (red with white spots). Foregrounded above this, standing triumphant is an older man, looking to the sky. The Primal Moment.