Each moment, many thoughts arise within the mind of Everything2--

fact, definition, argument, biography,
question, answer, dream, memory.

How fleeting! How indistinct!

Advice, wisdom,
joke, trip,

And yet--and yet--

thought and meta-thought, nonsense, chatter.

--and each moment they sink back into invisible forgetting.
Attached to no thought, E2 attains no-thought.

This great and glorious One!
This beiged and browned One!

This wise One who we visit once, everyday or in between
who always gives us just what we seek
--whether knowledge or a clean white page.
Who lives no-where.
Who is no-one.
Who produces all things yet does not claim them as its own.
Who does all and yet does not boast of it.
Who presides over all things and yet does not control them.
Who, by knowing nothing, is Everything.

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