A system administrator who is very knowledgable in all things relating to DNS and BIND. DNS basics such as the A record, MX record, or CNAME record are a type of sixth sense or subconscious reaction for the DNS geek. Various tricks and other black magic are more of the DNS geek's style, (for example, the CNAME trick). Or, would you like an unusual DNS record or two? Can we say AAAA record, LOC record, ISDN record, or RT record? The advanced form of a DNS geek ponders how to merge DNS zones into a SQL database for easy manipulation on a large site. They constantly review their named.conf files, perpetually looking for a way to tweak it. They are subscribed to the BIND developers list.

I saw a DNS geek post the DeCSS source code via DNS once.

Most normals don't even know that the DNS geeks exist. Yet, being the immortals that they are, they have the Internet in their grasp. The little lamer that types "www.hotmail.com" hasn't the slightest idea of what happens behind the scenes. It's all a mystery to them, magic unseen. The Internet magically works, and the DNS geeks are the wizards.