Woke up with nothing to do but study for my final for Astronomy. Stupid Astronomy,


Alright maybe not hate because you're cool but ehh, whatever. I got up and noded my dream, or did I? Hmm, it's all so fuzzy. I chatted with some everythingians, I played some Rogue Spear, now it was time to get studying.

I had some nachos, which were mm mm good. I studied some more worried the whole time about how I was going to do. I was running late so what usually takes me 23-25 minutes to get to took me 17 instead. I was driving kind of fast. hehehe, no coppers.


I'm walking to class when I spot a friend of mine that I hadn't seen for some time, Cindy. We hugged and she told me I was walking her to class. Grrr, I was almost late already. I obliged (sucker!) and took her to class. We hugged again and I picked her up (her being only about 90 pounds) and swung her around twice. I got dizzy and put her down, she went to class.

I walked to class now pretty late, I get there and the door is locked! I knocked on it and waited a good 2 minutes before the professor finally opened the door. I got in and realized I had neither a scantron OR a pencil. GRR!! Luckily a friend of mine had one and gave me his spare.


Finished my test in 17 minutes, EASY!! There were some I know I got wrong, stupid grams to kilograms crap!! I don't remember that, what was that, 7th grade?!


Ehh, I went home and downloaded some songs, talked to a friend of mine who was kicked off by dem bones I'm sure. Her name was JoltPunk, hehehe, sorry bones, you know I love ya!!

Went to church later, we ate out at McDonalds, went to my house and watched some Backstreet Boys' favorite videos. Those bastards had the nerve to put their video as number one. They had all of their videos as numbers, another one was number 3, the rest, ehh I didn't care about. My friends didn't end up leaving until 1:26 in the morning! And I had work at 6:30!! Well I had to get up at 6:30 but you know what I mean. GRR!! Went to sleep....ahh, beauty sleep, I need much more than 5 hours, much much more.