This is my first daylog. May it be my last. I created an interesting node today, called "Nuke for the Ages". I won't link to it, because, well, it isn't there any more. Nuke for the Ages was the social contract between noders, and editors/gods. It discussed some fine points of etiquette that people with mad nuking skillz should look at. It was, in my opinion, a good node. Maybe not The Perfect Node, but .... Here it is, in its ground zero glory.
Disclaimer added after the fact: I believe that most editors live by these words, even if they haven't seen them.

The Everything Editor's Job 2: Nuke for the Ages

Welcome to the hallowed ranks of Everything Editors and Gods. As an editor/god, you have been selected by the administration (or you are the administration) to provide guidance to the evergrowing morass that is the E2 database. Much of your job will be easy, if dirty, annoying, and underappreciated. However, nuking will require difficult decisions. You'll have secret FAQs, given to you by The Powers That Be, to help you on your way.

As an editor, there is a social contract between you and the E2 noders. You expect us to contribute meaningful nodes to the gel. Here is what we expect of you (and your nuking):

From the EEJ:
If you have doubts about whether a writeup should be nuked, ask the advice of a fellow editor or ask one of the Gods if they can correct the writeup.
Excellent advice. Getting a second opinion is wonderful. Getting the original noder's feedback is even better. Are they an active noder? Send them a message, and give them time to respond. Maybe they can rescue their writeup, or justify it to you.
Please /msg us even if the node is irredeemable. And use the Editor's Logs - it lets us know what didn't make it today, so we can be better noders tomorrow.

If you don't like someone, or their style, or their opinion, question whether you should, under any circumstances, be nuking their writeups.

Safeguard our estates
For some reason, noders will occasionally depart our beloved community. Guard their contribution! IF you nuke it, they will not try to put it back. But our children may be disappointed when they can't find the first writeup in the Tiananmen Square Massacre to which the following two writeups refer.

Don't Be Petty
If a noder puts a writeup in a node April Trolls Day designed for commentary on the state of E2, don't nuke it because it criticizes you. If they put it elsewhere, note its location if you want to nuke it. Don't insta-nuke it. Come back to it later. See how many people agreed with it by upvoting it. Maybe the noder was right?

Today's Troll may be Tomorrow's Noder
The nodegel really appreciates when you keep troll nodes out of it. But at least send a /msg to the troll, explaining what the problem was with the node. It may be the best single act you do for that person and E2.

If you are going to nuke this, and have read this far, please don't insta-nuke. Mark it for deletion. Better yet, give it 24 hours to percolate into the bionodegel.