Ferrante & Teicher were two guys named Arthur Ferrante and Louis Teicher. I once knew some people who thought Louis Teicher was a "teacher" and Ferrante was Italian for "student" but that isn't true. It was part of someone's bad joke.

They met while studying music at Julliard in the 1940s and appeared as guest pianists with orchestras and other such gigs before releasing some albums. In 1958 they released the album "Blast Off!" and it was the beginning of a long run. For the next twenty years they would release almost two albums a year of their twin pianos playing favorite songs and movie themes in their own ways. They were the top of the heap of the piano lounge acts that were becoming popular in close circumcision with their popularity.

They were classical pianists who decided to just have some fun with their skill and talents. They perfected what is called by some in the know as "interlocking" style of playing two people on the same musical instrument, in this situation of course it was pianos. The piano has always been one of the most easy to understand instruments and a lot of young people and old people will get piano training more quickly than that on a guitar or bassoon. They could pick up sheet music and try a little.

Ferrante & Teicher albums are great background music for cocktail parties and when romancing a classy lady. They aren't overbearing and there isn't anything to work out or try to decipher. It is usually called "easy listening." I recommend "The Enchanted World of Ferrante & Teicher" from the 1960s and "Feelings" from the late 1970s for starters and then if you like it you might try other selections randomly. Their cover of the classic Morris Albert written song "Feelings" on the album that has the same name as that which I already mentioned is the best one I heard. I believe they also did an album based on the musical "Fiddler on the Roof" but I never bought it. If I remember correctly that came out during the Watergate problems at which point I had put a cap on my entertainment spending pending resolution of those problems and I'm sure you can understand why.

Pick up an album by Ferrante & Teicher sometime because it isn't what you usually listen to and sometimes that is what you have to do these days. Someday I'll listen to something you recommend also.