These stories, taken from The Book of Yelps and Growls, have been translated from the original yelps and growls in which they are traditionally told. The gigantic task of this difficult translation was undertaken by the count Florian von Banier in 1795, while he convalesced in the Carpathian Mountains. What was his ailment? I do not know...some say it was a deep wound to his right thigh that he was awarded for his valor in battle. Some say it was tuberculosis. Still others claim that the recuperation was necessary due to other constitutional weaknesses (the count was commonly held to be of the Natrum Muriaticum constitution). At any rate, upon his recovery the translation project was quickly abandoned and the count returned to his more reckless divertissements.

The Despot and the Wolf

The Red Sea

The Red Sea and Time Fable

The Pilgrim's Visit

Give Thanks that You Are Not a Poor Urchin

The Damned May Be Good Neighbors, But They are Still the Damned

Raw War

We Cannot Breathe, We Cannot Breathe

The Troubled Maid

Audrey and the Elephant

Spend Your Youth on the Sea, Your Old Age on Dry Land

An Old Woman's Sentiment is Delicately Spun, and Yet We Find It Stronger Than Time

Judith Apprehends a Vision of Horses

The Old Man at Moontime

The Portrait Archive

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