From The Book of Yelps and Growls

An old man sat on a boat near the middle of the widest point on the Rhine River. He growled at the water and scowled up at the moon. The sky was filled with fairnesses, but also with the most horrible visions of a bloodthirsty pegasus. In the sky the pegasus fought with a yelping Spanish coyote over the fate of the old man in the boat. The Spanish coyote was finally slain because the old man distracted it from the battle by winning a game of draughts on the river's shore with a local gambler.

The old man collected his winnings of twenty marks from the local and as he rowed back to the center of the river to wait for the signal from the moon, the wicked pegasus swept down and killed him with a kick from his hoof.

The old man is buried with the Spanish coyote on the northern shore at the widest point of the Rhine River. If you can go there, you will find it marked with a tree that grows out from under a crag.

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