Many people would argue that a Juno-60 has a better chorus and fatter filters than the Juno-106's. Some sekrit tips:

The Juno-60 can hold 8*7 (56) patches, but if you put a patch cord into the "patch shift" port in the back, you can access a total of 64.

The Juno-60 can also be put into a 'test' mode if turned on while holding down the 'key transpose' button. Then, if you turn the arpeggio switch to the 'up' setting, it combines all of its oscillators, changing any patch to an ultra-fat, monophonic version of the original patch. Turn the arpeggio to the 'up&down' or 'down' settings to return to normal.

Although there is a switch on the bottom left to transpose octaves with three settings, if carefully placed between the second and third setting, an ultra-high octave transposition can be reached. Enjoy