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dude... it's me.

i like lists, and dislike caps (as you will see).


u2/orbital/billy bragg/neil young/portishead/ johnny cash/rem/chemical brothers/ dido/travis/radiohead/dave brubeck/dire straits/ george harrison/beth orton/david gray/ michael halaas/the dismemberment plan/matt pond pa/ midnight oil/the clash/death cab for cutie/damien rice/bt/ dj shadow/guns n' roses



i have driven:
laguna seca/sears point/thunderhill/willow springs/mid ohio/watkins glen/VIR/road america/brainerd international/summit point/roebling road

a brief


of me:
originally of massachusetts-extraction, now in silicon valley (by way of stanford, and a large dose of inertia, spent 5 years in mountain view). i moved to "the city" aka san francisco in july 2003, and discovered that inertia sucks -- the city is much better for me.


of choice, by venue:
beamish (rose & crown),
single malt scottish whiskey (as available),
boddington's (o'reilly's),
bass (the royal oak),
tennent's (the bell tower),
newcastle brown ale (everywhere),
occasional ketel one martini (just getting smashed)



vindaloo,daal,pork chops with applesauce, crispy chicken tacos,salmon sashimi,spicy shrimp burrito


  • certified member of Red Sox Nation
  • i get up earlier on sundays to watch formula 1 than i would for work
  • electrical engineer (specifically, ASIC design)
  • certifiably INTJ -- Myers-Briggs personality test said so!
  • i drive 80 miles a day roundtrip
  • incomprehensible sense of humor, apparently
  • i love parenthetical asides (like this)

stuff for me to remember to


Nodegel visualization as of April 20, 2003

 |                 @                                             
 |                   @                                           
 |                 @                                             
 |                        @                                      
 |                 O      O                                      
 |                OOO  @                                         
 |               OOOOO    O @                                    
 | O            OOOOOOOOO O             O                   O OO 
 | OO           OOOOOOOO  O O                   O                
 | OOO          OOOOOOOOO O  O          O                        
0+-OOO-----------OOOOO-----O------------------O------O-----------> now

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