SportsCenter partner in crime with Kenny Mayne, formerly of RPM 2Night.
Patrick used to be partners with Keith Olbermann, a truly excellent duo, but he's mostly focusing on his radio show now.

Dan's famous catchphrases:
"En fuego" (which he used to say as el fuego until a Spanish teacher pointed out he was saying it wrong)
"You can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him"
"He's listed as day-to-day, but then, aren't we all?"
"He visits the bird sanctuary"
"Defense wins championships!"
"HR dot com!"
"Alongside my tag team partner Keith Olbermann/Kenny Mayne/etc, I'm merely Dan Patrick"
"Goodbye. Game over. Drive home safely."
"It's the Big Show..."
"By the final OF..."
"I'd like to see it again please."
"Now to the third quarter, because the highlights are better there."
"And now that we've met our contestants, let's play."

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