'Dot-com' is a buzz-word that the media love to use. It refers to an online business such as amazon.com, obviously originating from that .com at the end of URLs. There was a huge boom in dot-coms in early 2000. Investors were eager to back these ]projects], because after all, it's the Internet , so it must be good.
Things took a downturn when people realized that these companies were failing to make any profit. Panic ensued, shares were sold, many companies were brought to their knees. The papers decided to hop on the bandwagon aon the way down, and declared that it was all a total joke, really.
The dot-com crisis brought some much needed sense to the e-commerce industry. The crap sites paid the price (boo.com) whilst the best survived.

Go to fuckedcompany.com - and kick those dot-cons while they're down. (ha, ha.)
So today, my grandmother's wonderful friend Hope came by to visit. She is always full of delightful stories, and she had this one to share:

"So I met up with an old friend, Dot Walker, 94 years old, and still sharp as a tack. It was the first time we caught up for a while so we began to talk.
After some idle chat she asked me, 'Do you have a computer?'
'No,' I replied, 'I wouldn't know how to turn one on.'
'Oh.' She said. 'I was hoping you could tell me who Dot Com was. I hear a lot about her on the news."

Now the very sharp old woman did not know who (what, really) Dot Com was, but being her name was Dot, she figured it was a person.

An interesting perspective on the technical revolution of our day, especially from the eyes of a 94 year old woman who has seen a lot: The acceptance of automobiles, the space program, war after war, and now, the rise of the Internet. The elderly are wonderful, and the stories they have to share are priceless.

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