Classic (?) trashy Aaron Spelling and Darren Star soap opera. Lots of beautiful people, everyone hooks up with everyone in nearly every possible combination. Ran for seven seasons. I used to be addicted, every Monday night on Fox.

Notable cameos: Loni Anderson, Robert Bishop, Dan Cortese, John Enos III, Greg Evigan, Dorothy Fielding, Penny Fuller, Gina Gershon, Linda Gray, Valerie Harper, Kathy Ireland, Chad Lowe, Patrick Muldoon, Priscilla Presley, Anthony Tyler Quinn, John Reilly, Denise Richards, Antonio Sabato Jr., Rena Sofer, Parker Stevenson

Plot is your basic night-time TV drama stuff: Amanda owns the advertising agency (D&D) where Billy, Sam, Megan and Allison worked at various points. She also owned the apartment complex (Melrose Place) where most everyone lived, and from which the show gets its name. Jake owned a bar ("Shooters"), Jo worked there as a waitress. Jane had a fashion boutique/design business, where Sydney was a sometime employee. Kyle was a chef/restauranteur, he hired Sydney and Jennifer (who he previously had a relationship with). Kimberly, Michael and Peter were doctors at Wilshire Memorial Hospital. Everyone has way too much free time for romance and mischief.

The love interests were changing about every month, to the point that I can't describe them all. Amanda, for one, was involved with 4 male leads at different times: Billy, Jake, Kyle and Michael, plus lots of the cameo characters (Matt was gay!).

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