Jake, v. (recent drug slang)

To try for one last hit of marijuana from a smoking apparatus despite the bowl's empty appearance, thereby risking a THC-free lungful of butane and ash.

I think this bowl is cashed; do you want to jake it? Odenberg.

Pot Jargon Metanode, Drug Slang Metanode

A Jake can also be a particular sort of Discordian prank by conspiracy. The conspirators all send the victim all manner of weird shit in the mail, such that it all arrives on the same day. In Kerry Thornley's introduction to the Illuminet editon of the Principia Discordia, a Jake is described as follows:

Our outreach is called aneristic abnormail and is defined by Ol' Sam as "weird things sent in fun to those still trapped in the Region of Thud" - squares, that is. When some order-bound heathen makes an especially unenlightened public remark, that unsuspecting dolt is likely to receive a Jake - a whole mail box full of weird shit from Discordians everywhere all on the same day. "For maximum benefit," says Ol' Sam, "a good Jake should be in response to a particularly gross manifestation of the Aneristic Delusion, not merely intended to chastise, but to teach and amuse as well (or else make them hopping mad). The best Jakes involve a lot of Discordians, all conspiring to contact the subject on Jake Day - a shining example of Discordian accord, as paradoxical as that sounds." (If you think that sounds paradoxical, wait until you hear about the Discordian accordian.)

Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment - an online, open source (and open data) database which attempts to store information about where journals and periodicals are indexed and stored in fulltext. jake also has rudimentary functionality for linking directly to fulltext of articles when supplied with the appropriate bibliographic information.

Originally started by Dan Chudnov at Yale, it has since become its own entity and adopted by others. Key jake sites are now located at SFU library and Openly Informatics.

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