This is a simple practical joke that is normally executed by elementary school children who think they are very clever. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t try it on your boss, or your mother; in fact, I would recommend it.

To pull off this simple joke just read and reread the following staged demonstration. Then try it on your own.

Human #1: Hey Human #2, did you hear about the new study that the scientists have done?

Human #2: No, I have not heard about the new study that the scientists have done. Please, would you tell me about it?

Human #1: Well certainly, Human #2. According to the scientists, if your hand is larger than your face you have cancer.

Human #2: What? This cannot be! I shall now find out if I have cancer or not.

[Human #2 raises his hand towards his face.]

Human #1: Excellent.

[Human #1 pushes Human #2’s hand violently, causing Human #2 to slap himself in the face.]

Simple enough, right? However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you perform this practical joke. Those things include...

  • Do you actually want to cause the victim physical harm?
  • Do you actually want to embarrass the victim by exposing their own stupidity?
  • Do you actually want to get into a fist fight if the victim gets angry?
  • Do you actually want to lose your friendship with the victim?

If you answered "No!" to any of the above questions there are things that you can do that will still allow you to pull of this practical joke, and at the same time allow you to avoid the above problems. Those things include...

  • Varying the force with which you push the victim’s hand. Instead of pushing the victim’s hand violently, try pushing it lovingly and softly, as to not harm the victim in any manner.
  • Instead of pushing the victim’s hand at all, simply tell the victim that at this moment you have the option to slam the victim’s hand into his face, because he was silly enough to believe that the scientists had done such a ridiculous study.
  • Instead of pushing the victim’s hand at all, simply watch the victim become paralyzed with fear, as the victim realizes that he might have cancer.
  • Do not perform this practical joke at all.

Now that you have made an informed decision upon how you would like to execute this practical joke, please remember one more important thing...


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