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Thus the sons of Fëanor under Maedhros were the lords of East Beleriand, but their people were in that time mostly in the north of the land, and southward they rode only to hunt in the greenwoods. But there Amrod and Amras had their abode, and they came seldom northward...

-J.R.R. Tolkien
The Silmarillion

Amrod was the youngest of the Sons of Fëanor along with his twin brother Amras. He also swore the Oath. After they Noldor's return to Middle-Earth, he lived with his brother Amras in East Beleriand. They were much quieter than there brothers, and like most twins they kept to themselves. In battle they fought alongside their brother Maedhros, who they felt closer to than their other brothers. Like their brothers, they were slain in an attempt to recover the Silmarils by force. Amrod and Amras met their end trying for the Silmaril kept in the Havens of Sirion by Elwing.

Amrod had red hair (Amrod means 'russet topped') and was milder than most of his brothers. Amras, being his twin brother, shared in these characteristics.