I so desparately wanted to add my idea to the 10 Ways to irritate, annoy, and anger your cat node. I have one thing that annoys my cat somewhat, but a daylog is not the place to share it. It seems that everything I've added recently was qualified as either GTKY, or fodder for Klaproth. Might need to focus on what books I've read and node the reviews and the authors after researching their background and history. I know one book review and author writeup stuck around.

It appears that my business is picking up momentum. Made one sale today and expect to get another by the end of the week. I forsee a profitable April because of the work I've done in the past month. I know I can't conquer the world from within the walls of an office.

My girlfriend and another friend of mine thinks I'm a workaholic because I'm letting my youth slip away because of all the hours I'm putting towards my freedom. To me, that sounds like E-Quadrant thinking according to Robert Kiyosaki. What am I to say, other than that where I'm headed, there's great fortune and happiness, and where they're going, there's great misery because of debt.