This Sunday was just my typical Sunday, mostly spent playing Diablo II and evenings spent at a weekly gathering of business owners discussing marketing strategies for our companies. This particular Sunday had a few exceptions.

First of all, when I stepped on the bathroom scale, I saw that my weight dropped below 200 pounds. This was good news since I've been on a diet for two months, and reaching 200 pounds was my first goal.

I wanted to go out for the afternoon, but my sister decided to make a visit, so I could not go anywhere. I was at my computer playing a couple Super Nintendo games on an emulator when I was interrupted to go fetch a couple things my sister wanted to take home with her. Word of advice: DO NOT interrupt me while I'm playing Tetris. Later in the day, I did get over the feeling of negativity towards my sister for interrupting my Tetris game.

Since I haven't spoken with my sister since last week, I asked her about her college classes. She is taking a class titled Web Design Technologies. When I asked what was being covered in that class, my sister told me that the purpose of the class is to learn Microsoft Front Page. If I were teaching that class, I would be teaching the students HTML, some JavaScript, and CSS. I had to keep in mind that the typical student at the college where the class is being offered has the intelligence level of a retarded baboon. This is due to the fact that most of the students there are majoring in Nursing. The computer program there is also a joke. Sometimes the students taking the classes know more about the subject than the instructors.

I must now go to sleep, as I need to wake up to go to work and do a meeting after working hours.