Well, here it is. I'm moving away from the incredible city that I love so much, and I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself. But before I do that, I have convinced the New York Noder Compound boys to open their doors to all who wish to bid me a fond (or not, if that's your thing) farewell. So, on Saturday the 19th of January, 2002, All are welcome to come and drink and be very merry and stuff like that and all get shitfaced and throw up. Just not on the cats. Perhaps a swordfight could be arranged. They tend to be much fun in the compound, although don't expect to beat Andy, especially if he's got his chainmail on. Bring your own booze and snacks, and we'll all get sloshed together for one last (well, one last for me, for a while) time. yay for pie!

those who will be there:

mblase says re: nocode's going away party: But where are you moving *to*?


Okay, so here's how the turnout is going so far:
  • thefez won't help me record all of this because he's too busy making love to the ninja bong.
  • perdedor is still in the basement and won't talk to my friends.
  • WickerNipple is wandering around whacking people with the pain fairy stick.
  • GangstaFeelsGood can't stop watching the scenery... or talking about JILF's
  • the BAP crew is drinking some insane amounts of sweet, sweet bevvages.
  • Phyllis Stien is sneaking drinks from the fridge.
  • Chihuahua Grub is talking smack about Crux's mom...
  • Chris-O is taking a bunch of pictures I'm sure we'll all regret later...
  • and I'm trying hard to forget why we're having this party.

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