Jerry is nervous about illegal cable during a cable dispute that has disrupted service and dreams of getting into a shootout with the FBI over it (Kramer cries "What did you do to my little cable boy?" as Jerry dies in his arms). George offers to pick up Jerry at the airport after his gig, making Jerry wonder about his motives. He notices George is wearing the red shirt his blind date (who Elaine is giving a baby shower to at Jerry's place) doused with chocolate syrup (Bosco, not Hershey's).

Meanwhile, Kramer arrives with some Russians to hook up the illegal cable at Jerry's, much to Elaine's dismay. In the car, George practices a speech to give to Leslie. Jerry and George arrive at Jerry's during the baby shower. Elaine warns George to not even think about it, but he takes off his sweater revealing the stained shirt, goes up to Leslie, but she doesn't remember who he is. George chickens out. Meanwhile a woman there chews Jerry out for not calling with a speech like George had planned.

Jerry decides he doesn't want the cable after all, but the Russians want $400 for their trouble. George ends up carrying Leslie's stuff down to the car, a cowardly servant. The Russians break Jerry's TV because he won't pay. In the end, they all sit around watching static on the broken TV, complaining about their bad love lives.