Jerry goes shopping and finds a jacket that fits him great, which never happens, but it has an ugly pink and white candy striped liner. He buys it and gives Kramer his old leather jacket. Everyone thinks it's great but too expensive. Kramer asks Jerry and George to sit with his car, but they refuse. Jerry and George go to dinner with Elaine's father, but Elaine is late and they have to sit awkwardly with him while waiting. He's a rather gruff man. Elaine calls and says she'll be 30 minutes late, much to the dismay of George and Jerry.

Elaine's father goes to the bathroom, Jerry and George try to duck out, but Elaine shows up. She was late because she agreed to sit with Kramer's car while he picks up some doves. It turns out they try to tow it because he owes thousands of dollars in tickets. They all leave to go to dinner, but it's snowing outside and Jerry has on his new suede coat. He turns it inside out, and Elaine's father refuses to walk with him due to the ugly pink stripes, so Jerry turns it back out. The coat ends up ruined and Jerry gives it to Kramer. Elaine tells Jerry her dad thinks George is gay, but he pretty much thinks everyone is gay.

Not one of the better epiodes, this one seems a bit more about nothing than the rest...

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