I figured it out.

Around three monthes ago, I met a person who seemed to be able to look right down into the heart of me and see what I was feeling...crazy people, these fellow psychics. He asked me what it would take to make me happy.

I of course, replied that ice cream would make me happy, and a conversation about various types of ice cream soon followed, resulting in the acquisition of a large tub of it. But this question came up a few times in the conversations he and I would have, and each time, I'd be unable to give an answer.

But today, today my everythingian chums, I have figured it out. I have decided what it is that would make me happy. I want life to be...uncomplicated.

However, the big bad problem is that I am just not capable of simplifying my life. It's just not my nature. So today is the first day of my quest for, no, not happiness, because I know now that my happiness is somewhat unattainable, but to find something so close to happiness that not even I can tell the difference.