Maba is a language spoken by perhaps 300,000 people in south-eastern Chad and in the neighboring borderlands of Sudan. It's language code is MDE.

Maba is one of a small group of Nilo-Saharan languages, and is called Bura Mabang by its speakers.

Historically, Maba is the most important of its group because it was the language of the Islamic state of Wadai founded by Abd al-Karim in the Seventeenth century. Maba, the language of the ruling class, and Arabic, the language of religion, were the two lingua francas of Wadai. Later, when the Bornu empire reduced Wadai to vassal status, Kanuri became a third language of power in Wadai.

How to count to ten in Maba :

  1. tek
  2. bar
  3. kungal (kungāl)
  4. asal (asāl)
  5. tor
  6. settal (settāl)
  7. mindri (mindrī)
  8. iya (īya)
  9. adoi (adoī)
  10. atuk

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