A web browser designed to use certain dark web websites. It is failing as it gets more popular, as when you are an underground idea, you degrade when popular. You can use TOR (The Onion Router) to find child porn, copyrighted materials, drugs, and chatrooms.

It is the most well known dark web browsers, having many references in popular culture. It is also a modified Mozilla browser upgraded to host darknet websites.

When I tried to watch youtube on it for the first time, the website was in Russian, so it must be good for crime.

Tor (?), n. [AS. torr; cf. Gael. torr. Cf. Tower.]


A tower; a turret.




High-pointed hill; a rocky pinnacle.

[Prov. Eng.]

A rolling range of dreary moors, unbroken by tor or tree. C. Kingsley.


© Webster 1913.

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