Glastonbury, in the United Kingdom, is a town in Somerset, 220km to the west of London.

Tor means hill, peak, or tower. The hill is 170m tall, and in the relatively flat countryside, it is little wonder that it draws such attention.

It is said to be a nexus point for the psychic, mystic, faerie, divine, whatever energies in the world, and a variety of faiths have used Glastonbury as a pilgrimage location. 2500 years ago, the druids controlled the access, and the Tor was said to be ruled by the fae. Too, it was said that it was the home of Gwyn ap Nudd, and the entrance to the celtic Underworld.

With the rise in Christian power, it is claimed to be the location of King Arthur's hidden stronghold, and the Isle of Avalon. Joseph of Arimathea supposedly buried the chalice filled with Jesusblood from the last supper of Christ. A church was once built on the hill, in dedication to St. Michael, but it has since fallen, and its ruins on the Tor are a common visiting site for spiritualists and tourists.

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