Well...I can't be certain anyone is going to particularly care this is the first post for me in a while. Whenever I've got something I want to say, I bring it here, I guess. Maybe I could call E2 my journal, because instead of writing on actual paper, I choose to write it on a website for all to see.

I'm back to being the same ol' me again right now. I'm having relationship problems. Anyone who's been around E2 long enough knows that's pretty much all I talk (read as bitch) about. But it feels better when I talk about it, so it's really not for your enjoyment, is it.

I'm listening to Incubus's new CD. I like it. I don't usually like slower bands like this, but I like this CD. Especially a song called 'Wish You Were Here'. Very nice song. It's weird that I should start liking the song (especially the lyrics) at a time like this.

Anyways, I better go take a shower...I've got classes to go to. Enjoy your days today. Hope to see you all around sometime.