Bah, Monday.

This weekend marks the period where Anna became addicted to Everything2, through persistent downvoting of her nodes, and a berating from dannye. (Who, may I say, should not tell somebody their writing is bad after seeing one thing; isn't this place meant to nurture writers so they become better?) Anyway, she's got more nodes than I do already, hehe.

This has led to many a discussion on the E2 system, where we came to the conclusion that, like any bureaucracy, E2 has too much room for corruption within it's rule system. (She's the one doing social policy though, I'm sure she could explain it much better.)

We got to spend most of the weekend together, which was great since we don't get to do it that often. She finishes her classes at uni this week though, and she's only got two exams, so after that we'll hopefully have a lot more time to spend together.

One thing she said this weekend that stuck in my mind, and made me feel all happy and tingly inside; she was telling me about a conversation she had with a friend of hers at work, about how she doesn't really know how to cook, and her friend asked her 'What are you going to do for food when you move out?', or something along those lines. And she answered, 'Well, Ben can cook'. Implying that when she moves out, it will be with me. Which of course, I have already thought about, and knew it would happen, but it shows how optimistic she is now about our relationship. Which just makes me so happy. *grins*

Funny how all those silly romantic things that I use to think about all came true. When we were first together, we were too uncomfortable with the idea to do anything really romantic (although she sent me a flower and a stuffed toy on Valentine's Day, which was romantic). But now that we're so much more comfortable with each other, we've got all the silly little things happening, pet names for each other, everything I always wanted. She's so perfect.

Hehe, my daylogs are going to get rather boring for people reading, if I just keep worshipping my goddess of a girlfriend in here, aren't they?

Too Bad.


OK, after Anna read this, she reminded me that she actually was talking about washing, not cooking. Aren't I such a good listener?

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