We broke up last Sunday.
Til now I feel like it just happening yesterday.
He was so cold to me, he refused to talk it over.

Two weeks ago, he came to my house and told me that he was very stressful and he felt tired. Then, I ask him if he wanted to break up with me. And he refused. "I don't want to break up with you".
I believed him and we decided not to see each other until my birthday. But he switched his phone off during my birthday. That meant he wanted to break up with me.

Sunday, I thought so and I ran to him and said gudbye. He agreed and I thought I will never see him anymore. 3 hours later, I met him again at my friend's birthday party (she 's our friend). I felt terrible and ask him: "Why don't you come to my birthday and come to her birthday?" He answered: "Because you are nothing to me"

All my friends told me that he was unable to talk to me, because i'm not a gud listener. He deleted my Yahoo ID. He deleted everything involving me.

He doesn't love me anymore? Or is it true that I was "too much" for him? Wad can I do?http://mp3.zing.vn/mp3/nghe-bai-hat/I-Cry.IW6OZ0E0.html

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