Been a while since my last daylog. I've been busy, a lot has happened, it's pretty much all been good. In vast contrast to the majority of the human race, my life seems to keep getting better. It's really not very fair at all.

I wonder, sometimes, what did I do to get such a life? Nothing, really... it wasn't due to any choices *I've* made, that's for sure. It just seems to be the product of a disproportionate number of coincidences where the consequences lean in my favour. Does that make sense?

So. Anna and I have been together for a year, as of last week. A year! And our relationship just keeps getting better, we're closer than ever. We started thinking about where we want to build our house the other day, which just seems unbelievable. If you'd told me a year ago that we'd be looking around for land to build a house on now, I would've laughed.

Not that we'll get the chance to do such a thing for at least a couple of years, most likely... we may end up renting somewhere for a short while, if we can't stand to be living seperately anymore, but don't have enough money to start building yet... but I agree with Anna when she says renting seems like you're just needlessly paying off somebody *else's* house.

Xmas and New Years were both great, Anna stayed over Xmas Eve, and then came with us to my grandparents place on Boxing Day, so she's nearly met my whole family now. Her mum is bugging her to organise something with my family, so she can meet them, but Anna is trying to put it off as long as possible. I don't think it would go *too* badly, but we'd have to make sure my parents remembered to keep quiet about a few things, like the fact that Anna does *not* sleep on the couch when she comes over, hehehe...

I'll be going back to uni again at the end of February, for my final year, and moving onto part-time work. My salary will be going up though, so my pay won't be too much less, which is a good thing. I'll still have to cut back on the amount I spend on lunch and stuff though, I think, but that shouldn't be a problem with me not being in South Yarra so much.

Two of our friends got together at the end of the year, which was a great surprise; it sort of catalysed at Anna's 21st, and went from there. It's sort of funny how everybody that gets together in our group does it around the New Year, and so far it's been a year apart each time. So now we are just wondering who it'll be next year...

Anyway, ramble ramble ramble, nobody will read this all the way through, but I felt the need to write something about what's been going on. I don't keep a web journal anymore, and I think it's getting to me, heh. So this'll do for now.