I'm back!
Well, it's not like I was exactly away. My E2 activities have just been minimal for the last few weeks, and it's time to catch up again. Don't worry, I haven't sunken to the depths of noder's block or had my boss prevent network connections to everything2.com.. I've just been too damn busy with irrelevant crap, also known as work.
Next week my boss actually transfer to the other side of the building. This makes it hard for him to breathe down my neck every 3 minutes. Joy! Not that I would quit working altogether and slack off, there still are deadlines to keep.

I saw my cousin on the TV the other night. It's strange, really.. We used to be really close as kids, but then just "drifted apart". Despite living only a few km away from eachother, we haven't talked in years. Hell, I haven't even seen him in ages. He's a true hippie nowadays, and I'm .. not. Funny, how two people so similar as children can turn out so different. Probably the only similarity between us would be herbal remedies and disliking the military service in Finland. And I'm not even sure if he smokes pot.
What was the TV thing about? Oh, he was organizing a protest in Helsinki against the inprisonment of conscientious objectors. A good cause if you ask me. So, good for him. Too bad I'm too busy sitting at the empty office noding to take part in any political action.

Time to grab the good old umbrella and start heading towards the HQ. More later, or not.

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