What, it's almost the end of October already?
This autumn is going by incredibly fast. I like it this way though, because up here in southern Finland we have already reached the point when all the leaves have dropped and sunlight is a rare sighting. With this type of season right after summer, I find it impossible to comprehend the vast amounts of Finns disliking winter. The crisp way-below-zero temperatures and the beautiful snow make a refreshing change to the ~15% of the year when everything is dark and depressing.
Then again, the fall been much warmer than the x0-year-average, so we might be looking at +1c and heaps of slush until the end of January. In case this worst case scenario really happens, I'll be noding from the North Pole.

By the way..
Happy birthday, danlowlite!
Who the hell says nobody reads day logs?

Hmm. I really need to become more active on E2 again. There's a billion things to node, but work seems to be cutting my time here severely.
How could I node a lot more back when my workday was multiple hours shorter and there was just as much to do? I seem to be completely out-of-sync nowadays.
Of course, quality should always come before quantity. I myself am quite happy with the improvement I've made regarding the content of my WUs, but judging from the downvoting many others are not. Too bad for them - I don't give a rat's ass about XP anymore.

While having lunch at the downstairs diner, I started wondering about over-sweet dessert. Apart from motivating a child to eat that asparagus, what is the point ? Granted, a well-though-of piece after the main course can really tie the meal together. But at least in the lunch joint in this building, dessert seems to mean a big load of insanely sweet goo which only makes you nauseous. Their rhubarb slime doesn't taste of anything other than sugar. I'm surprised my teeth are still intact.
And that concludes the whine-part of this day log. Thank you for your patience. Ahh, this is so therapeutic.

Time to return to my PHP slave duties. More later.
To be continued...