I took the plunge.

Yesterday morning I shaved off almost all of the hair on my body. This procedure lasted for 2 ½ hours.

I'm pretty sure I took much longer than I should have to do this. The thing is, though, I didn't put any forethought into it at all. I just got out of bed, stretched, relieved myself, and hopped in the shower with a cheap, plastic Bic disposable facial razor. I'd say it was a spur of the moment thing, but it wasn't. I'd wanted to do this for a while.

Of course, it wasn't the first time I'd shaved something other than my face. On two separate occasions I've shaved my torso, and once before I've shaved my pubic area. This might make some wonder what the big deal is if I've already shaved my pubes. Here's the deal, while not everyone gets to see your bathing suit area, they get to see your legs quite often. I didn't really want people to ask questions... I guess I'm just paranoid that way.

One possible question is, "then why do it?". That one's easy. Although I'm a big fan of fur, I really don't like stiff, ugly hair that covered my legs and torso is sparse patches. I also knew that it would feel good to have hairless legs. I love my legs to feel sheer.. of course, I'll get into that in a bit more detail below. First, I'll try to hand out as much of my newfound experience as possible.

Ok, by now it should be obvious that I'm male. Stereotypicaly I didn't stop and ask for directions before picking up the razor, I just went to work. This probably was my worst mistake. After finishing my right leg, and halfway into my left, I realised that my razor was too damned dull to complete the job. I had to stop the shower, run upstairs (shedding all the way) and get a new razor so I could complete the job. This is why you shouldn't use Bic disposable razors. Now, I'm not sure what type of razor works best for the legs, but I can almost guarantee that it's one specifically designed for them (d'uh..). (If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it if they would /msg me with them.) For the chest, ass and underarms the facial razors work reasonably well.

I said in the beginning that I didn't shave all of my body, but the unaffected areas all have really good reasons for being left alone. First and most importantly is the pubic area. Ok boys, I've got to say that shaving off you pubic hair fells REALLY good, at least for the first day. At around the third day after being shaved the area above the penis but below the belly button starts to get incredibly itchy. At times it can be so itchy that it just plain hurts. On top of that small red pimple-like things start appearing all around that area. Yikes. It's just not fun. So, this time around I conveniently forgot to shave that area.

Another still hairy area are my arms. Again, this is because I'm always paranoid, and I almost always wear short sleeved shirts. I don't want to walk into classes tomorrow and have to deal with dumb questions. And, for reasons of style, I also left my face and head alone. Other than that, they only excuse I have for not shaving my back was that I couldn't reach it :)

After I had finished shaving, I stepped out of the shower, dried myself, and put on some clothes. Wow. All the work I did in the shower was worth it for that one instant. I had put on silky boxers and fleecy lounge pants as well as a sweat shirt, and I was in heaven. The simple act of walking around felt incredible. This feeling lasted for about 12 hours, then my legs started to develop a bit of stubble. It wasn't until this morning though, that the stubble thing really started to kick in. My legs feel rather itchy at the moment. Also, whenever I shiver my whole body feel very strange. I guess the experience still isn't over yet. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the next step for me is going to be waxing. Hopefully that will deal with the stubble situation.. I guess I'll have to see.

Small update: Argh!!!! My upper and inner thighs have become covered with the little bumpily things! They're caused by the hair becoming ingrown, and they;re itchy as hell! Next time, I'm probably using Nair or something similar.

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