Finally, some signs of the non-lethal and non-intoxicating kind of white powder can be seen even here in HML. Too bad it will all melt before the week is over.

So, it's the start of November 2001.
If things had gone the way they should've had, I'd be in Japan right around now.
I guess there's no use to dwell in it.. But I still have to say - pardon my french - that it's a huge fucking disappointment. And the funny part is that the whole thing went down because I am a pussy, incapable of operating under even a fake sense of independence. If there was someone else to blame, I probably wouldn't feel so crappy about the whole deal.

Other than that, the week has been super, thanks for asking. I was a complete wreck for monday and tuesday, thanks to last weekend's let's-head-off-to-a-summer-cottage-with-a-truckload-of-booze-and-weed -fest. It was fun, but I still wonder how I could feel so damn beat after not doing much else than having strange discussions with friends while being stoned off my feet. Fortunately, after a few nights of decent sleep I'm back among the living again.
Work has been bearable too, although the constant phone conversations with advertising and marketing people aren't exactly my idea of fun. Today is kinda slow, allowing me to sit here and node a little while munching on some delicious Satsuma mandarins.

Speaking of which.. We already talked about this with Simonc, but now I'll publicly state my points on why Satsumas are the perfect fruit:

  1. They taste great. (duh)
  2. They have a protective skin, but it can be peeled off quickly and easily with one's fingers.
  3. There are virtually no seeds.
  4. Inside the skin, the fruit is already chopped into perfect slices!
I'm no sneff but I know what I like. :)
If there is a downside I'm not aware of, like satsumas causing cancer or something... don't let me know.


The entire neighborhood is experiencing a power outage, apart from our house and two others. Further up north in Finland, over 10000 households are without electricity. The storm isn't so bad, really. There will be no lives lost from this, hardly even large monetary damage. But we rarely witness nature's wrath like this, as we're located safely away from tornados, floods, earthquake areas and such. Because of that, such a relatively small "disaster" feels quite big to us. Oh well, serves us Finns right to get at least some annoyance from the forces, right?

Now let me submit this update quickly before this house gets cut off...