Road lust is a derivative activity of street racing and is a great contrast to road rage.

It begins when two drivers curiously driving in close proximity become instantly attracted to either the styling of the car or the driver itself, or both. The encounter then develops into a flirtatious ballroom-like dance, where either one of the cars begin maneouvering around the other by accelerating, decelerating and changing lanes into and out of the path of one car. It can then progress when the second car follows or mimics the moves of the first car. This can include the coordinated weaving in and out of traffic and cutting each other off by a mere inches.

The effects of this activity produces heightened libido, a heightened sense of the surroundings as well as higher pumping adrenalin. It also helps if the cars are of high performance, either by modifications made to the cars, which makes the encounter more unique and mysterious, or having the quality inherent to its make and model.

Road lust can last a matter of seconds to a matter of minutes, depending on how much flirtation is exchanged.

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