An 18-voice digital programmable drum machine. Manufactured between 1986 and 1987.

The DDD-1 offers 18 typical sampled sounds, with editable tuning and decay parameters. Additional samples can be added with ROM cards, or with the built-in (very limited) sampler. Triggering the sounds is done via 14 velocity sensitive pads. Individual outputs are included, although not for all 18 channels.

100 patterns and 10 songs can be stored in the DDD-1:s memory. Roll and flam effects, as well as full MIDI implementation are available.

  • 2x kick
  • 2x snare
  • low/mid/high toms
  • rimshot
  • clap
  • crash
  • 2x open hat
  • 2x closed hat
  • ride
  • cowbell
  • tambourine
  • cabasa

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