22:17 EET

I'm back!

Had a nice time visiting ReXX in Helsinki. We didn't do anything special - just watched DVD:s, mostly sober. The Fight Club DVD was brilliant, as well as Stormriders. Yes, it's possible for normal heterosexual Finnish males to spend the midsummer eve without booze. I wish somebody had told that to the ~10 people who drowned this weekend while blind drunk. :(

It's a good thing we didn't party too hard though. The IRC meeting is coming up next weekend, and will most likely be a crazy event. And since it begins on friday evening and ends on sunday afternoon, extra energy might just be useful.

Any incoherency in this node is purely caused by me consuming a moderate amount of GHB a while ago. Apologies.
Grievous bodily harm my ass.

Track of the day:  Raptori - Minä ja Ryhmä (Kosminen mix)