14:27 EET

I woke up at 11:40, having set my Nokia 3210 to wake me up at 10:00. What happened? Maybe the volume was too low? Not that me being late wouldn't matter much, since there isn't much work to do this week.

Got to the office at 12:30. It's a madhouse here at the moment, due to all the employees having a cleaning day. It started as two of us moved from one room to another, after which one of the bosses decided it would be a good day for taking out the trash. I've pretty much done my part cleaned my desk up, which means throwing approximately 150 empty CD-R covers into a cardboard box. And that's as much I'll be doing today.
I'm actually a bit pissed off at my boss at the moment. He promised I'd get to move into the room those two guys just left from, but now he's taking his words back. The place my desk is currently at simply sucks, apart from the great ventilation. The other room would've had a great view from the window, at the moment I am looking at a wall. Maybe I'll bring some nice anime poster here.

Btw, I was just wondering.. Do all the Linux fanatics and other "1337" people hate Dreamcast since it uses Windows CE?

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