16:01 EET

Getting paid by the project instead of hourly/monthly salary is strange. I'm just getting almost an equal amount of $$$ for a 2-week work than I just did with a 2-month job. I keep feeling I'm getting ripped off here, but with my education(1) and experience, there's no chance of finding a better workplace. I just need to remind myself of the fact that money isn't everything.
Btw, the firm I work at is not Arabuusimiehet Industries, as stated in my home node. That's something completely different.

The sinister devil of consumerism has taken over my soul again and made me order a Sega Dreamcast. I swore I'd never touch a console again after CD32, but after seeing and using a DC the other weekend, I was sold. Now I'll get to enjoy flashy beat-em-ups and lose weight due to not having any cash for junk food in a while. A good deal, don't you think? :)

Speaking of food, I'm starting to get a bit hungry. But there's so much surfing/noding/ircing to do.. There really should be a Hi-Tech Hamburger Restaurant™ near the office building.

18:45 EET

Once again, I was dumb enough to walk home with no sun block on. At this rate I'll die from skin cancer before the end of july.
Winter, what's taking so long?

(1) I fully intend to further my studies, but not until autumn 2001.