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Playing football (that's soccer to you merkins).
I was on defense, and being fairly successful at it. I managed to prevent several goals and pass the ball to our attacking players. Unfortunately, one of the opponents got past me, and despite the goalie's best efforts scored for his team. My team mates didn't seem to be that upset, so my guess is we were leading.
IRL, I don't even enjoy watching football, let alone playing it. This dream was most likely a result of me surfing through channels and spotting a montage of Sunday's goals just before getting to bed.

We were in a bunker-like underground complex beneath the North Pole. Some unknown guy was giving me and a friend a tour around the place.
The rooms were quite small, with gray concrete walls and very little decoration. They weren't connected by corridors, but very small tunnels. I felt a little claustrophobic crawling through the tiny, square duct with 90-degree turns and no lights. Still, I felt this "hideout" was an extremely cool place. I kept wondering how they could keep it so warm in such a climate.
I wonder what the place was for, anyway? What's the point in building a big concrete bunker beneath the North Pole? But the one thing I love about the dreamworld is the lack of boring old logic. :)