It's business as usual at the office. We (barely) made it past the deadline crisis the other week, but now I'm facing an another one. I'll be keeping my 9 days worth of vacation time right after we are done with this project, which is giving me at least some motivation in dealing with annoying clients. (id10t, anyone?)

While the big stock market hype companies are laying off tens of thousands of workers, I (along with others around here) actually got a small raise starting from September. Furthermore, the simple logo I designed for the company two years ago (in 10 minutes, practically as a favor) is now shining brightly on the side of the building.
Wow. For a split second I didn't feel like a complete loser. :)
My aunt, the coolest of all my relatives, voiced her concern over my job while she was visiting us yesterday. I was happy to inform him of the fact that we are more busy than ever, and I for one am not afraid of losing my job any time soon. (knock on wood) I guess there are some advantages in working for a small company with no huge debts or the constant need for finding suckers to hand out billions worth of venture capital. Plus that the firm feels like a team with everybody knowing eachother, and we don't even have facistic bans/limitations of network usage and/or noding... Wait a minute, why do I always put down my job?

On a sadder note, my 90-year-old grandmother seems to have finally gone over the edge. She has had some lapses before, but after sprouting tons of utter nonsense at a doctor she was seeing, they immediately admitted her to a psychiatric ward. My parents visited her the other day and told me the poor lady was completely out of it, telling about how her house burned down (no, it didn't) and how the hospital is actually a courtroom (no, it isn't).
A certain kind of mental degeneration is naturally expected of someone who has reached such a respectable age. But it all seemed to happen so suddenly. It's only been a month after I talked to my grandma at her 90th birthday, thinking she was quite bright and energetic for her age. I'm not a doctor, but this doesn't seem like your usual dementia to me.
Things like this almost make me understand those who think it's better to burn out than to fade away. But not quite.

To be continued.