The first “snow day” of the year here in the heartland!

Actually it started Sunday evening when borgette and I were sitting around watching television. We had gone to the Ohio State University women’s basketball game during the afternoon and all morning long the news kept briefing us about how much snow we could expect and when it would arrive. ( I don’t know about you fine folks, but where I live, there seems to be some kind of morbid fascination with all things weather related. It’s really strange, we spend more time talking about weather we don’t get than we do about how things actually are. But anyway…) This time, the forecasters were pretty much on target and by the time all was said and done, we got between 5 and 6 inches of the fine white powder I think it was around 7:00 PM when it was announced that schools would be closed the next day. Borgette kinda looked at me with this evil sorta grin spread across her face and asked if she could stay up past her usual bedtime since there was no school the next day. I saw no harm since she would probably sleep in the next day and allow me to get a few more winks of precious shuteye.

As morning dawned the next day, the skies were gray and overcast. After a breakfast of French toast, orange juice hastily prepared by yours truly, it was time for a rematch in the newly acquired skills needed to play cribbage. (A fine game btw!). At around 10:00 AM the real fun would soon begin…

After getting dressed in our snow gear, it was off to the outdoors to frolic in mother nature’s latest gift. About five or six hours later, after going through many a pair of pants, every pair of gloves in the house, changes of socks and many helping of hot chocolate, it was time to take inventory on the thing we had done and built. We had what seemed like a never-ending snowball fight. We made snow angels. We built tunnels large enough for a couple of kids or one semi-overweight adult to crawl through. ,We built snowmen of varying heights and girth. We built snow forts that protected us from the ravages of other neighborhood kids and to protect and stash our growing arsenal of snowballs. We built an igloo, replete with a roof and windows to both warm ourselves in and look out upon the beauty the snow had created. We built more memories…

As I put borgette through her regular bedtime ritual and I tried to massage my stiff and aching muscles, it crossed my mind that’s there was one thing amongst all of those things that I know we didn’t build. We didn’t build any walls to come between us.

I know many of you are probably thinking this sorta stuff is either kinda sappy or just plain hogwash and while that might be true in many cases and you can call me an old softie if you want, it’s what makes my life all the more better in so many ways.

More snow called for later today! ALL RIGHT!